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STEVENSON, manufactures oil and acrylic paints

Stevenson check and test each batch of artists' paint they manufacture

Call us at STEVENSON
the colour company

STEVENSON, “the colour company” has been making professional quality paints for artists for over forty years.  We remain the leading Canadian manufacturer of fine artists' paints: oil, acrylic and water colour for both professional and amateur artists, and all students of fine art.

Quality paints at affordable prices

It was David Stevenson's intention to provide a line of professional-quality artists' paints at an affordable price. He felt that artists, like other crafts people, should be able to buy their materials at a fair price. By limiting expenditures on marketing, sales agents and distribution costs, he was able to meet these objectives without compromising product quality. Our continued sales growth and wide acceptance by Canadian artists is due in large part to word-of-mouth advertising in the form of recommendations and endorsements by the many satisfied users of Stevenson products.

Website last updated October 3, 2017