Art Tools, Books & Equipment  (Discounts NOT Applicable)

We import many varied art supplies from top quality manufacturers in Europe, as well as many informative books on various art techniques. Unfortunately we are not able to pass on any discounts to our customers for the particular items listed below on this page. Refer to pages 14 to 20 of our STEVENSON catalogue for full details and prices.

Ideal gifts for the budding artist

If you are looking for the perfect gift for anyone in your family – young or old – who is exploring the joys of painting and fine art, many of the items listed below would be ideal.  We import many instructional books on painting and art; sets of professional drawing pencils, pastels and crayons; and sell many useful tools for artists, both amateur and professional – and those who are just beginning to paint.

Drawing Pencils and Erasers

Note: Details and prices on page 14 of our STEVENSON Catalogue.

Graphite drawing pencils
Prismacolor Turquoise brand, graphite pencils for drawing (set of 12)
Conte Charcoal Pencils
Prismacolor Aquarell pigmented pencils (set of 12 or 24)
Berol Prismacolor Art Pencils (set of 12, 24, 48, 72 or 120)
Erasers: Kneadable, Gum or Plastic-Polymer

Pastels and Crayons

Note: Details and prices on page 14 of our STEVENSON Catalogue.

Conté à Paris Pastel Pencils (set of 12, 24 or 48)
Talens Rembrandt Soft (Chalk) Pastels (set of 15 or 30)
Van Gogh Oil Pastels (set of 12, 24 or 48)
Conté à Paris Crayons (2 stick pkg. or set of 12, 24 or 48)


Note: Details and prices on page 14 of our STEVENSON Catalogue.

Blair Retouch Spray Varnish
Blair Very Low Odour Spray Fix
Blair Gloss or Matte Spray Clear
Blair Matte or Gloss Spray Varnish
Blair Glaze Supreme

Card Blanks

Note: Details and prices on page 15 of our STEVENSON Catalogue.

CardBlanks with choice of: clean cuts, deckled edges, black, frames in gold or silver.
Canson Watercolour Postcards

Artists’ tools and equipment

Note: Details and prices on pages 15 and 16 of our STEVENSON Catalogue.

Masking Tape
Gummed Paper Tape
“The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver
“The Masters” Hand Soap (bar)
Heritage Brush Roll-ups
Alvin Artist Aprons
Alvin Everything Bag Set
Masterson Sta-Wet Palettes
Artists Choice Color Wheel
Tube Squeezer – Squeezit
Plastic Jars with Lids
Presentation/Display Book
Mannikins (made of wood)
Canvas Pliers
Brush Washer
Palette Cups (metal)
Arrow Stapling Guns and Staples
Sandtastik Rappit plaster molding tape


Note: Details and prices on page 16 of our STEVENSON Catalogue.

Below is a sample subject list of the type of art books regularly stocked by STEVENSONS.  If you are looking for a particular title, please contact us to inquire as to its current availability.

Art materials

Painting techniques

Oil painting

Acrylic painting

Sketch books and pads

Note: Details and prices on pages 20 of our STEVENSON Catalogue.

Mirage Sketch Book
Mirage Children’s Sketch Books
Canson Universal Recycled Sketch Book
Robert Bateman Cover Series sketchbooks
Classic Sketchbooks
Canson Canva Paper
Fredrix Canvas Pad

Note: For more details and prices of all the above art accessories refer to pages 14 to 20 of our STEVENSON catalogue

– NO Discounts Apply –

The artist tools, accessories and art books listed on this page are NOT eligible for any discount.

Only STEVENSON paints, pigments, mediums and solvents, plus artists’ supplies such as fine art brushes, canvas, Belgian linen, stretchers; palette; and certain papers and art pads are eligible for our discounts. 

Refer to our web pages
listing discounted art accessories.


2008 product catalogue

For details regarding all art supplies, ordering information, minimums and prices, please refer to our STEVENSON Catalogue, now available online in PDF format.*

Note: In the catalogue it will be noted at the top of the page if a discount is applicable.

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