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We offer our standard Stevenson discounts on the following artists’ supplies: Brushes; Canvas boards, canvas and Belgian linen, stretchers; Palette knives and palettes; Papers and pads. The standard discounts apply to all items shipped from our factory. Larger discounts are offered for items picked up in person from our Factory Store in Toronto, Ontario. 

* Refer to the back page of the catalogue or Order Form for details.

STEVENSON fine art brushes and supplies


Note: Details and prices on pages 2 to 6 of our STEVENSON Catalogue.

Stevenson supplies a full range of brushes for all painting mediums, from high quality Kolinsky sables, right down to economical brushes for schools. Our brushes are imported from long-established firms in England, France and Germany.
  • Series A brushes – the very best in hair and style that we have to offer.
  • Series B brushes – our 2nd line in quality, suitable for both professional or amateur painters.
  • Series C brushes – generally for amateur and school use.

Watercolour Brushes

Series A-300 Finest long haired Russian Kolinsky Sable. Points very well, short handle.
Series A-310 Oron Plus (synthetic Sable). Good point and spring. Excellent substitute for sable, short handle.
Series A-315 Quality Kazan Squirrel. An excellent wirebound wash brush. Holds abundant water, points well, short handle.
Series A-400 Hake. Quality goat hair, Japanese-style. Flat, soft white bristles, approx. 1" long. Excellent for water colour washes, oil glazes, varnishes and acryic mediums.
Series B-8508 Finest soft synthetic, flat, short handle.
Series B-325 Long ox hair. Single stroke brush, short handle.
Series B-330 Red sable. Good quality, points well, short handle.
Series B-335 Squirrel hair. For amateur and student use, short handle.
Series C-340 Soft hair, economy oval wash brush, short handle.
Series C-350 Soft hair for School use. Comes to a point, short handle.
Series C-360 Sabeline. Good point and spring, short handle.

Acrylic and Oil Brushes

Series A-100 Stiff flagged nylon. Good quality, long handle.
Series A-130 Nylon. Good chisel edge, long handle.
Series A-200B Pure Kolinsky sable. Excellent quality. Bright, long handle.
Series A-200R Pure Kolinsky sable. Excellent quality. Round comes to a fine point with extra spring, long handle.
Series A-220F Oron Plus (synthetic sable). Top quality. Flat, long handle.
Series A-220R Oron Plus (synthetic sable). Top quality. Round points well, long handle.
Series A-225 Very fine pure Kolinsky sable. Thick filbert, long handle.
Series A-227F Finest quality, curved white hog bristle. Flat slightly longer than bright, long handle.
Series A-227B Finest quality, curved white hog bristle. Bright, long handle.
Series A-227FIL Finest quality, curved white hog bristle. Filbert, long handle.
Series A-227R Finest quality, curved white hog bristle. Round, long handle.
Series A-229 Long filbert. Finest quality, curved white hog bristle. Long handle.
Series A-280 Liner. Finest pure sable. Clean, square, straight edge, good spring, short handle. 
Series A-285 Liner. Oron Plus (synthetic sable). Clean, square, straight edge, good spring. Short handle.
Series A-972 Well formed mixed synthetic filbert. Good spring.
Series A-10113 Stencil, hog bristle.
Series B-110 Nylon. Stiff, thick, flag-tipped, long handle.
Series B-230F Good quality, white hog bristle. Suitable for amateur and professional. Flat, long handle.
Series B-230R Good quality, white hog bristle. Suitable for amateur and professional. Round, long handle.
Series B-113 Stencil, hog bristle (as A-10113). Shorter, stiffer.
Series B-235B Oron. Quality synthetic, soft. Bright, long handle.
Series B-235R Oron. Quality synthetic, soft. Round, long handle.
Series B-240B Good quality, pure red sable. Long handle.
Series B-900 Flat varnish brush, synthetic gold sable hairs with tin rimmed bands.
Series B-245 Thick filbert. Skunk hair. Long handle.
Series B-250 Sabeline. Good quality, long handle.
Series B-255 Fan. Good quality hog bristle. Long handle.
Series C-6 Hog bristle. Economical. Package of 6. Handles individually coloured (blue, red, yellow, green, white, black). Good for school tempera use. Short handles.
Series C-1755 Stiff filbert, mixed synthetic, student grade. Long handle.
Series A-5450 Double thick, natural bristle. 2" wide. Suitable for applying gesso and varnish. 5.5" handle.

Canvas Boards, Cotton, and Linen

Note: Details and prices on pages 12 and 17 of our STEVENSON Catalogue

Fredrix Canvas Boards

Cotton canvas sized and primed with acrylic gesso and mounted on ⅛" pressed cardboard panel. Good surface texture. Excellent support for painting in oil, acrylic, casein and tempera.

Stevenson Primed Stretched Cotton Canvas

Acrylic gesso primed canvas is mounted on 1⅝" kiln-dried stretchers stapled on back, individually wrapped. Suitable for use with oil or acrylic. Available in 13 sizes.  

Acrylic Primed Cotton Canvas

Apollon 64" double-primed cotton canvas sold by the yard, for oil and acrylic use. (Minimum order 5 yards.)

Unprimed Cotton Canvas

Unprimed canvas is sold either by the yard, or by the roll: some available in 25yd rolls, most available in 50yd rolls. Our numbered ducks (#10 and #12) generally have a tighter weave and smoother surface than our regular 10oz ducks. Sample swatches available.

Unprimed Belgian Linen

Imported by us from Belgium, this canvas is ideal for the discerning painter concerned with longevity and ideal surface texture. This linen is used by many conservators to repair or remount master works. Note: a light-weight linen has much more tensile strength than an equal weight of cotton canvas. Sample swatches available. (Minimum order 1 yard.)

Palette Knives, Disposable Palettes and Stretchers

Note: Details and prices on page 13 of our STEVENSON Catalogue

Stevenson Palette and Painting Knives

Imported directly from Italy. Hand-forged steel blades with wooden handles secured with brass ring. Excellent quality. The three larger knives have straight handles; all the rest have offset handles.

Seth Cole Disposable Palettes

50 sheets of treated paper for mixing either oil or acrylic paints.

Stretcher Pieces

Quality stretchers are manufactured from kiln-dried bass wood, 1⅝" x ¾". Sold in many different lengths varying from 8" up to 60".

Papers for Printing, Pastels and Watercolours

Note: Details and prices on pages 18, 19 and 21 of our STEVENSON Catalogue

BFK Rives Paper

A 100% cotton mould made sheet that is acid free and buffered. Smooth surface, two torn and two deckled edges and registered watermark. Suggested applications: Lithography, Intaglio Etching, Screen Printing, Lino Cut, Collotype and Drawing.

Somerset Papers

A 100% cotton mould made sheet developed to cope with the techniques of modern print making. Internally sized and buffered. Watermarked with two torn and two deckled edges. Excellent value for an acid free buffered sheet with a pH of 8.5. Suggested applications: Etching, Direct Lithography, Offset Lithography, Typographical Printing, Screenprinting, Relief Printing and Pastal, Gouache, etc.

Stonehenge Fine Art Paper

A 100% rag, neutral pH sheet, excellent as a general purpose paper. Two deckled edges. Suggested applications: Drawing, Etching, Embossing, Screenprinting and some Water Media.

Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel and Drawing Paper

Light fast colours, one heavy rough side and one smooth side for detail work. Gelatin sized, 55% cotton, acid free. Available in various colours. Sample swatches available.

T.H. Saunders, Waterford Water Colour Paper

Mould made 100% rag, neutral pH and buffered, free of additional brightening agents, two deckled, two torn edges, watermark, and surface gelatin sized. Tested and approved by the Royal Institue of Painters in Watercolour. Suggested applications: Water Colour, Calligraphy, Lithography, Pastel and Screen Printing.

Fiero Water Colour Paper

This affordable 260gms sheet has a beautiful rippled surface. 100% cotton, neutral pH, buffered, coldpressed. Suggested applications: Water Colour, Acrylic and Gouache.

Bockingford Water Colour Paper

Cylinder-mould made and internally sized for stability and strength, excellent paint removal properties and resistance to puckering. Made of acid-free buffered sulphite from photographic grade wood pulps. An economical paper with the features of more expensive rag papers. Cold pressed surface.

Montval Water Colour Pads and Blocks

Natural white, acid-free cold-pressed water colour paper. Extremely durable surface, for all wet techniques.

Arches Water Colour Papers and Blocks

Very popular, high quality papers. Strong to stand soaking, extra tooth to resist rubbing and erasing. 100% acid free, four deckled edges. 100% rag fibres in three textures: Hot Press, Cold Press and Rough.


All Stevenson paints, pigments and mediums qualify for our quantity discounts – as well as all the artists supplies listed on this page.

Discounts for Canadians, as applied to Shipped orders:

  • Up to $150 – No Discount
  • 150 to $275 – 20% off
  • $275 to $475 – 30% off
  • $475 and over – 40% off

Note: Special Educational discounts are available upon request.

Higher discounts apply for in store purchases from our Factory Outlet.

For more details regarding discounts and shipping, please refer to the back page of our catalogue, or Page 2 of the Order Form, which is available in PDF format.*


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